Cable Terminal Protector - Cable Boot For RMU (KLEMMESCHÜTZER KD-300/95) Manufacturer and Exporter


Klemmeschutzer KD-300/95 Cable Terminal Protector


Cable Boot KD-400/95


Cable Boot for 630sq mm


Cable Boot Vertical

The Cable Terminal Protector is an insulating barrier system which can be used in conjunction with any indoor termination. The Cable Terminal Protector is an unique insulating system for providing phase to phase to earth insulation to power cable terminals where these terminations need to be installed in very compact areas like motor terminal boxes, ring main units, distribution transformers etc.

The Cable Terminal Protector comprises of an insulating boot, grommets and plug. All these components are injection moulded from EPDM rubber which is highly insulating and track resistant. The Cable Terminal Protector can be used for insulating right angle connection.


KlemmeschutzerTM Product Range

Cable Terminal Protector

kV Rating

Impulse Voltage


KD - 300 / 95 15 kV 95 kV 105 mm
KD - 300 / 125 24 kV 125 kV 125 mm
KD - 400 / 95 15 kV 95 kV 95 mm
KD - 400 / 125 24 kV 125 kV 125 mm
KD - 300 / 95 (GL) 12 kV 95 kV 110 mm
KD - 300 / 95 (V) 12 kV 95 kV 110 mm
KD - 630 / 95 12 kV 70 kV 140 mm

The Cable Terminal Protector has a wide flexibility in voltage rating and conductor cross section (25 to 630 The rubber boots which provide insulating barriers in the Cable Terminal protector enclose live parts. Due to the high track resistance and the insulating property of the barrier, the enclosed area remains comparatively small. The live parts moreover are fully protected against air borne contamination which prevents formation of creepage currents.

Due to the special flexibility of its design, the Cable Terminal Protector can be fitted to many different types of bushings with grooves, smooth, cylindrical and tapered. Modern switchgear where compactness is often achieved through the use of the insulating gas SF6, also require compact cable terminations. Cable Terminal Protector is extremely well suited for these switchgear.

The Cable Terminal Protector, Offers the following advantages :

  • Accommodates a large cable cross section, 25-630
  • Also fits sector-shaped cables
  • Facilitates direct voltage testing
  • Is easy to fit
  • Has low cost
  • Is re-openable and re-usable